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Our company sells business coaching, web design and marketing tool packages. You are looking at one of the products and services we sell right now! We build theme directories – just like this one – for every possible type of business you can imagine…

Real Estate, Car Sales, Insurance, Health & Beauty, Income Opportunities, MLM, Legal, Automotive, Financial, Food & Beverage, Home Services, Pets & Related Services, Travel & Entertainment and more!

We found, by advertising a short recorded message via a phone number, those who call are our perfect prospects for our products and services .We call this marketing technique SIZZLE CALL MARKETING.

Your job is simple… you will be assigned your own Sizzle Call Phone Number for the product and/or service we are promoting at the time which you will then POST throughout the internet at select locations we will give you.

Simply post the script with your assigned Sizzle Call phone number in your email signatures, blogs, social networking sites, YouTube videos,  free directories & classifieds, help wanted job sites, Craigslist, Backpage, business cards & postcards, road side bandit signs, tear offs at laundry mats and the hundreds of more advertising locations we give you…

When a prospect calls the number and leaves their information, wanting to learn more, our staff of closers will do the selling for you. You will be paid 50% of the profit of the package they buy. Our average package sells for $3,500 so you would make $1,750 less expenses.

If you feel this marketing system would fit into your work-at-home schedule, either FULL or PART-TIME, please fill out the application below to proceed to the next step of the application process…

The directory you are looking at right now can be custom designed and built for any brick & mortar and/or online business. The last one we built for one of our clients cost $10,000. If you would have generated that lead your commission would have been $5,000 less expenses.


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