Step-By-Step Personal Coaching By Harvey The Silver Fox To Create A Six Figure Income

Step-By-Step Personal Coaching By Harvey The Silver Fox To Create A Six Figure Income

Do You Know Someone Like This…

What I hear everyday from my NEW business associates…

“I bought into a fantastic money making opportunity that I had a passion for. I spent just about every dollar I had to join that money making opportunity. I was so excited about joining I forgot about how I was going to market that opportunity. I figured, because it was so fantastic that people would FLOCK in droves to my sales page and join under ME without any effort. 

To my surprise no one automatically joined as I expected. Now I find out I knew nothing about marketing but a LOT about the opportunity. I have no money left to properly market my opportunity and am sitting here dead in the water.

After hindsight caught up with me, I found out I should of spent 75% of my time and money investigating how to market the opportunity rather that spending every last dollar investing into the opportunity.”

What I am about to share with you, during this “Step-By-Step Personal Coaching By Harvey The Silver Fox To Create A Six Figure Income”, will open your eyes to what you have been doing wrong with your marketing techniques. The marketing strategy takes very little money to setup. Once setup you will spend little to nothing to generate a nice 6 figure income for ANY money making program you are working.

In Step #10 you will learn how to put your entire marketing campaign on autopilot. It will work for you 24/7 and you will never need to talk to anyone. After 2 to 3 months you will be positioned to make $500 to $1,000 a day using Video Marketing.

Are You Ready? Let’s Get Started

Make sure you start with Step #1 and do NOT try to jump ahead! Plan on spending an hour or more going through the steps so turn off TVs, close the door to your home office and take notes.

Step #1 – Brand Yourself

I have 50,000 Google showings with my Branded Name Harvey Silver Fox

Sell yourself FIRST then your products & services

Become an expert in your field

Step #2 – Build A Branded Marketing Strategy

Design a marketing plan around your business model BUT make if very generic.

Money making programs come and go BUT YOU need to insure you are still around.

If your passion is HEALTH you need to build your marketing around the health industry NOT a specific health products or services.

Make sure you position yourself as the EXPERT  and sell yourself first then the products and services.

I’m an expert in INTERNET MARKETING so I always promote myself first then the marketing tools. In the past 15 years “Marketing Tools” have come and gone but I’m still here.


Step #3 – Generic Lead Capture Pages

Never, NEVER, Never send prospects directly to your sales page!

I will build your OWN custom Lead Capture Page(s) & Funnel System(s) CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

The lead capture page and funnel system I use allows unlimited pages and funnel systems.

Step #4 – Custom Domain Names

Buy a couple domain names around your marketing and business model.

Not any domain will work.


Redirect your domain links WITH MASKING to your Lead Capture & Funnel Pages

Use Market Samurai to select that domain name.

I will help you use Market Samurai in the live training room CLICK HERE

Step #5 – Sizzle Call Phone Number

You MUST have your own custom sizzle call phone number.

Click here to pickup your sizzle call phone number & learn why it so important

602-800-6770 750X90

My Sizzle Call Phone Number Has Over 400 Google Showings CLICK HERE There is no reason, by following my step-by-step instructions, you can’t surpass me!

Step #6 – Promote Your Sizzle Call Number With These Advertising Locations

Build banners with your Sizzle # embedded CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE.

Use the marketing locations here to post your scripts and banners…

Safe Lists & Solo Ads


Directories & Classifieds

Social Networking Sites

Step #7 – Free Trial Marketing Tools That Pay You!

Find all kinds of marketing tools to start promoting your sizzle call phone number By Clicking Here.

I use these tools for ATTRACTION MARKETING building my list to MEGA proportions.

I offer free trials of these marketing tools sending my prospects to a Lead Capture Page first. Click Here For Example

I then DRIP an autorepsonder message on them for a few weeks with more related offers.

When I build your lead capture page for you I will build a funnel just for “Free Trial Marketing Tools” if you wish.

Step #8 – Now It’s Time For These 2 Powerful Marketing Tools

You have your lead capture page with autoresponder messages and your Sizzle Call Phone Number. Now it’s time to get serious about generating MEGA LEADS

You need to buy these 2 tools.

#1. Live Event Blaster

Go Ringless Join Team Build 970X535

The Live Event Blaster Software has Brick & Mortar plus Services Marketing Applications also…

Using YouTube’s Annotation features to Brand your Offline PLR Videos allows you to Change the Business Info as the Video Sits on the First Page on Google.

What “IF” you build 100s of videos for brick & mortar and services business in your home town area? Then offered a NICHE Video Marketing Service for those businesses? Build the Videos FIRST then contact those NICHE businesses showing them how THEIR video is showing on the first page of a Google Search. Ask them if they want that video or should you contact their competitor?

There are several ways you offer this Video Marketing Service

  1. Pay Per Call
  2. Pay Per Appointment
  3. Flat Monthly Fee 
  4. Or A Combination Of All 3

Live Event Blaster has a…

Live Event Blaster Local Location

This function allows you to dominate a Google Video Search for that business NICHE in a LOCAL area. Imagine if you had the Live Event Blaster place 5 to 10 unique videos for that NICHE business in a LOCAL area how you might OWN the first page of Google?

Below is a sample prerecorded video for Contractors…

When you’re ready we will give you access to where you can buy a whole library of prerecorded ready to upload videos for just about every brick & mortar and service business.

Niche Videos – Chiropractors, Cosmetic Dentist, Day Spa & Salon, HVAC Repair, Gold Buyers
Niche Videos – Carpet Cleaners, Personal Trainers, Home Improvement, Roofers, Real Estate Agents
Attorney Niche – Bankruptcy Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney, DUI Attorney, Divorce Attorney
Auto Market Niche – Auto Used Car Dealers, Auto Repair, Auto Body Repair, Auto Detailing
Finance Niche – Debt counseling, Credit Repair, Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner
Insurance Niche – Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, General Insurance
Home Improvement – Security Systems, Landscaping, Mold Specialist, Waterproofing, Tree Service,
Pest Control
Home Improvement – Paving Contractor, Moving Company, Solar Installation, Locksmith Professional, Pool Care Spec
Kids Niche – Day Care, Martial Arts, Pre-School, Tutoring Center
Pets Niche – Pet Training, Pet Grooming, Pet Sitting, Veterinarian
Seniors Niche – Assisted Living, Elder Law, Funeral Home, Home Health Care Provider, Retirement Community, Senior Day Care Center
Contractor’s Niche Part 1 – Electrician, Painter, Heating, Plumbing
Contractor’s Niche Part 2 – Carpenter, Handyman, Roofing Contractor, Window Company
Beauty Niche – Day Spa, Hair Salon, Tattoo Removal, Tanning Salon
Fitness Niche – Acupuncture, Gym, Massage Therapy, Yoga
Contractor’s Niche – HVAC, Fencing Contractor, Remodeling Contractor, Siding Contractor, Gutter Professional, Flooring Contractor
Contractor’s Niche – Interior Design, Kitchen Contractor, Cleaning Services, Sign Company, Air Conditioning Contractor, Storage Facility
Wedding Niche – Limousine Service, Travel Agency, Florist, Jewelry Store, Catering Company
Automotive Niche – Auto Parts Store, Car Rental, Tire Shop, Transmission Repair, Windshield Repair, Auto Body Repair
Attorney Niche – Criminal Attorney, Divorce Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney, Disability Attorney, Employment Attorney
Professional Niche – Catering Company, Drywall Contractor, Duct Cleaners, Glass Company, Hardscape Contractor
More Niche Videos Ready To Upload –  Home Inspector, Maid Services, Pain Management, Pet Shop, Wedding Planner, Bail Bond Company, Kitchen Contractor, Power Washing, Septic Services, Towing Company, Photographer, Physical Therapist, Computer Repair, Home Entertainment, Community Bank.

Local Painter Albertville AL

Click On The Image Above! Here is ONE of hundreds of NICHE videos we have working 24/7 for contractors. You will notice that a POPUP phone number will show over the video when playing. That phone number is OWNED BY US not the contractor whom we are sending the leads too. Should the contractor decide to terminate their marketing campaign we can easily redirect that number to a new contractor. That video will continue to make money for us 24/7 even if the next contractor decides to move on.  

$25,000 Per Month On AutoPilot With This Mass Video Blaster Software

Mass Video Blaster Pro_1

This software allows you to make a VIDEO PER MINUTE on autopilot. You select the THEME you want on whatever subject – it will go out on the internet – take existing videos and spin them to make them yours.

I can hear the wheels turning right now in your head. How about all those videos for dating sites? There must be a million videos for Health & Fitness. MLM Multi-Level Marketing related videos are endless.

Can you image going on Google daily and putting together  a video campaign for ALL of those TRENDING videos. There’s not enough time in the day.

This software allows you to setup multiple campaigns. You can program each campaign to generate 1 new UNIQUE video per minute on YouTube.

Let’s do the math….

One unique video per minute for WEIGHT LOSS equals 60 videos an hour. Let that software run for 24 hours and you will have 1,440 videos in a days time. Keep running that campaign for 30 days and now you have 43,200 videos with your DOMAIN LINK going to your lead capture page either for YOUR money making program or a CPA offer. These 43,200 videos are PERMINATE Real Estate on the internet that will work for you 24/7 from now on.

Now it’s time to start a NEW Video Marketing Campaign for another Work At Home Opportunity or CPA offer.

I have a stand alone computer that works for me day and night generating mass amounts of videos per hour. I focus on CPA offers that pay from $1 to $80 per sale. As of this date I’m averaging $.25 per month per video. I closing in on 100,000 quality videos working for me.

If you are like most who I personally coach, after demonstrating this video marketing application for the Video Blasters,  they say…

“I’m Not Going To Be Able To Sleep Tonight Because Of What You Just Showed Me!”

When you become a “Live Event Blaster Client” you will have access to their Facebook Group. You will be blown away from ALL the Live Event Blaster Clients who are using the software to make  $500 – $1,000 – $2,000 a day. They share their marketing techniques and earnings with screen shots in the Facebook Group!  This Video Marketing technique is for REAL – BUT – and there seems to always be a BUT…

You need to learn how to use the software properly and how to setup and manage the marketing platforms. That’s what I am going to teach you – In The Live Training Room.

#2. Facebook AutoPoster

This AutoPoster will allow you to put your Facebook marketing on autopilot!

Here’s one of several banners I use to post on Facebook…

3500 Weekly 500X500

Step #9 – Join A Big Ticket Program

Never put ALL of your eggs in one basket…

PPP Webinar – Make Up-to $1000 You need to watch this webinar to better understand how a BIG TICKET program works!

Tidom Webinar – Make Up-to $22,000 For those who want to make the REALLY BIG $$$ you will want to watch this webinar!

Having a BIG TICKET Program ( in addition to your main money making program ) allows you make UP-FRONT INSTANT MONEY on the back end while building your main business.

Click Here to see a few of my videos promoting my Big Ticket Programs

You can’t miss them they are “branded” looking like this…

Big Ticket Program Members 700X400

Click on the image above for another example.

Shocking Reviews For YOUR BUSINESS

Click on the image above THEN scroll to bottom and page back and back and back for example.

As you can see I dominate these Google Search Pages!

Step #10 – Now You Need A Marketing Platform

Like these BUT around your business model…

Best Places Advertise Free

Donald Trump News

Chicago Murders

What I Think & MoreDoodly 2 Top Google Showing Reviews7k Summer Affiliate Honest 5 Top Google Showing Reviews = using the Live Event Blaster software Click Here!

Fairs Festivals Events

Fantasy Football

Rosebush Cafe

Zero Dollar Traffic Drops

These marketing platforms are just a FEW of close to 100 we have. Think of it like playing Monopoly. The more platforms ( Real Estate ) you have working for you 24/7 on the internet, the more money you will make. The majority of our marketing platforms focus on CPA offers. We use the LIVE EVENT BLASTER ( and related video blasters ) to generate traffic to our CPA marketing platforms.

The more VIDEOS we build and place,  the more money we make. Think of it like this… if just 100 videos make us $1 per day think what 500 videos would make? Now since we have over 1,000 videos – sending prospects to our marketing platforms that make $1 per video per day – we are making some serious change. Better yet we never need to talk to anyone – it’s autopilot $$$!

If you feel you are ready to take your INCOME to the next level, having me build a NICHE marketing platform for your business model, with a powerful video marketing campaign feeding prospects to your marketing platform contact me – Harvey The Silver Fox602-845-9433.

The basic marketing platform cost one time $995 with a $100 month hosting fee.

Step #11 – Start Expanding Your Marketing With These Tools…

SMS Text Messaging

You will want to set this SMS Text messaging system to send a TEXT MESSAGE to those who call your Sizzle Call Phone Number. Click Here To Learn More.

GoRingless Voice Drops

This systems allows you to make $400 per sale and at the same time send ringless voice messages about your money making opportunity to prospects on autopilot. Click Here To Learn More.

11 Steps To Making A 6 Figure Income

Ok… you’re ready so take your time and start with Step #1.

When your budget allows start working your way down to Step #10.

Step #10 is where you want to be to reach that 6 figure income on… AUTOPILOT!


Dan Call 213-250-6990_1







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