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Step-By-Step Blueprint To A 6 Figure Income…

Below find the blueprint steps I use to making a nice full time income working only 2 – 3 hours a day. Go ahead and follow the steps to better understand how you can build your 6 figure income.

Step #1:

I always have a lead capture page before the directory you will find By Clicking Here If you have not done so already go ahead and register to complete Step #1.


Step #2:

Once you register you will be taken to the offer of a free listing for your business. The offer of something F*ree to encourage a prospect to be added to your list is a very important part of the blueprint to a 6 figure income

There are 14 to sometimes 25 follow-up autoresponder messages that drip over a period of time after the registration from the lead capture page.

It takes a follow-up of 3 to 7 times for a prospect to become a customer and that is why I never send a prospect directly to my directories without collecting their information for follow up.

VERY IMPORTANT YOU UNDERSTAND… If you do not collect a prospect’s info and they leave your website…. THEY ARE GONE FOREVER!!!!

This is the number one reason the majority of online marketers fail!

“The Money Is In The List – The List Is All That Matters”

Using the marketing techniques I just talked about I have built over 100,000 prospects I can email an offer to at any time – making money at will.

Step #3:

Once you optin and land on the homepage look to the right and you will see several blog posts. These posts are generated by a WordPress plugin called WPRobot. 80% of the traffic to my directories are generated from these posts that show “organically”. The blog posts place my marketing on autopilot where all I do is approve – free and paid listings – and generate income from my affiliate programs.

I make a nice full time living spending LITTLE to no money writing several unique content blogs every day. Over the years I have probably close to 10,000 blog posts on the internet working for me 24/7. In my blogs I always offer something FREE. That free offer always takes the prospect to a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE. I have built over 100,000 prospects I can email an offer to at any time – making money at will.

WPRobot generates the blog posts and all I do is tweak the content, change the title and spin the content 30% making it unique. It takes me about 2 hours a day to make this nice full time living with my automated blog postings – YES LIFE IS GOOD!

Hey… do a Google Search with my name “Harvey The Silver Fox” and you will find over three million showings and hundreds of IMAGES (branding images are another training course I will share with you later ).

Step #4:

In my directories I have several affiliate money making program offers related to the subject of the directory. As you will see I have monetized this directory with several marketing tools that pay me from $5 to $500 per purchase. Some pay me a nice residual income.

As you can see my directories have several profit centers:

  • Paid Directory Listings
  • T-Shirt & Hoody Sales
  • Several Lead Generating Tools
  • Work-At-Home Money Making Opportunities
  • And More Related Affiliate Money Making Programs

When I help you build your directories you will have the same related profit centers depending on the themes you choose!

Step #5:

Of course I have Google analytics programmed to keep track of the traffic and conversions. Google analytics allows me to maximize my marketing efforts. Google analytics is a MUST and this is another reason the majority of online marketers fail!

Step #6:

Most Important Step – Have You Played Monopoly?

  • I constantly keep adding NEW niche marketing platforms building my internet marketing empire.
  • Think of this step as playing Monopoly.
  • The more niche directories and blogging platforms you build on the internet…
  • The more Atlantic Avenue, Marvin Gardens and Park Avenue properties you own.
  • If you are in or want to start an internet marketing empire building a 6 figure income….
  • I offer training, resources and personal coaching allowing you to duplicate my success.

If you would like to learn more about how you can implement this 6 figure income blueprint I offer a 30 minute consultation:

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To Your Success… Harvey The Silver Fox

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