All- In-One Marketing Package

I Will Custom Build This All- In-One Marketing Package For Any Money Making Opportunity You Are Working


You MUST Have A Lead Capture Page

I always have a Lead Capture Page before my MAIN sales platform. I will build a CUSTOM lead capture page using YOUR Sizzle Call Phone Number. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE

There will be 7 follow-up autoresponder messages that drip over a period of time after the registration from the lead capture page.

It takes a follow-up of 3 to 7 times for a prospect to become a customer and that is why I never send a prospect directly to my directories without collecting their information for follow-up.

VERY IMPORTANT YOU UNDERSTAND… If you do not collect a prospect’s info and they leave your website…. THEY ARE GONE FOREVER!!!!

This is the number one reason the majority of online marketers fail!

“The Money Is In The List – The List Is All That Matters”

Using the marketing techniques I just talked about I have built over 100,000 prospects I can email an offer to at any time – making money at will.

Your All-In-One Lead Capture Page Marketing Package Will Have The Following…

Easy Funnels

Simply select your funnel type, your funnel style and create a professional looking sales funnel that is immediately ready and live online… YES, it really is that simple.

Add your autoresponders with just a few clicks (integrated with aWeber, GetResponse, GoGVO and MailChimp) , create simple capture pages, video capture pages, funnels that lead to video presentations… even add callback request forms if needed.
And with our domain alias feature, all of your sales funnels are able to be compiled under your own domain name very easily and quickly.

Select SMS verification and you will be able to immediately verify cell phone numbers from your opt-in pages… opt-ins that connect to our proprietary SMS Chat interface which is included with our system.

SMS Text Messaging Chat

With our SMS Chat system, the communication barrier between you and your prospects has been completely eliminated. With this All-In-One Marketing Package you can now communicate with your prospects like never before, allowing you to build a rapport with them easily and quickly while increasing your bottom line.

As the world becomes more mobile each and every day… our complete SMS platform has been designed specifically for today’s mobile world.

A real-time chat system that allows you to communicate with your opt-ins immediately… answer questions, direct them in the sales process or provide assistance to them promptly.

Unlike any other system online, our proprietary SMS Chat interface gives you complete control over your verified opt-in lists and conversations.. all within a single platform.

SMS Verification and Chat System currently operates only with US and Canadian mobile phone numbers at this time.

Here’s a script you can use to send a TEXT MESSAGE to those who optin to your lead capture page OR call your Sizzle Call Phone Number…

This is (your name) I see you called/optin my phone number about making $3,500 weekly with your own Sizzle Call phone number.

To learn more go here (your very short URL) example: www. Take Free Trial .com to learn how for only $10 you can get started.


Easy  Blog

Creating and maintaining your own personal blog has never been easier than with this All-In-One Marketing Package.

You’re able to create and change your blog template in minutes, create posts that are automatically structured for search engines, add widgets in seconds and more. Even if you’re a beginner… with our All-In-One Marketing Package your blog will always look professional when being viewed on a desktop or any mobile platform.

With our interface you’ll be able to easily create your posts, preview your posts, add social sharing, allow comments, add google analytics and more with just a few simple clicks of your mouse.

Not to mention that your Easy Blog is part of a TRUE network blogging system provided to help increase your rankings online.

Easy Lead Scraper, Voice Broadcasting & Voice Drop

Generating traffic and producing leads for your business has truly been simplified!

Easy Leads includes powerful extraction software allowing you to pull phone lists daily from the top search engines and directories available online. It also includes a VoiceDrop platform and Phone Broadcast platform as well. With our VoiceDrop platform you’re able to deliver your marketing message to the voicemail box of mobile phones… without the phone ever ringing, not to mention our Phone Broadcast platform that allows you to deliver your marketing message to businesses as well.

Here’s a script you can use for the VOICEDROP calling system…

This is (your name) sorry I missed you but the reason I was calling is to let you know I make $3,500 advertising this phone number…

(Your Sizzle Call Phone Number)

Go ahead and call (Your Sizzle Call Phone Number) to listen to a recorded message to find out how you can do the same.

Ringless Voicemail Scripts

30 Second Message (this message is uploaded to your RVM account)

Hi it’s (YOUR FIRST NAME). I’m sorry I missed you. I assume you’re still open to making extra income. What we have is a brand new opportunity that pays out the largest commissions in the home business industry. I’ve never seen anything like it! To get the details callback the number on your caller id or dial (YOUR 2/3 MINUTE MESSAGE #). You’ll be glad you did. Have a great day!

2/3 Minute Message (this message is uploaded to your 800Link account)

Hi, it’s (YOUR FIRST NAME) and I want to share with you a business model that is Not MLM, and has earned many thousands of dollars in their first 30 days or less. Picture your daily life experience with this type of a monetary shift. Imagine your excitement level in having earned 5 thousand, 10 thousand or even more within your first 30 days with us. And it increases every month…. Our current economy is a disaster, people are still struggling, and we have the answer so our business is BOOMING, we’re thriving in this terrible economy.

Our team? We’re a unique community of entrepreneurs who have come together to help each other and we’re all benefiting from a system that is difficult to match. Traditional MLM and Network Marketing is not cutting it for the majority of people. And because this is NOT MLM or Internet marketing, we’re not looking to work with a volume of people, we don’t need to. We’ve created a simple, proven 3 step process, that will provide you with enough


We make it simple by giving you the power to extract lists daily while getting your message out to thousands… generating traffic instantly for your business.



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