FANTASTIC DEPOSIT Review Best HYIP Bitcoin AltCoin CryptoCurrency Monitor

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Welcome to Monitor where we are REVIEWING a Hyip called…


FANTASTIC DEPOSIT Review Best HYIP Bitcoin AltCoin CryptoCurrency Monitor



Our High Yield Investment Monitor at  is unique in that we offer our MEMBERS a comprehensive video review of the Hyip’s we place in our monitor with the understanding we are in direct communication with the ADMIN of the Hyip, requiring “FULL SUPPORT”.


Unlike many of the other Hyip Monitors this is what we offer our members:


#1. Full support from the Admin of the Hyip

#2. Live chat on our platform

#3. Review videos of each Hyip

#4. A comprehensive video training course on investing in Hyip’s which includes “How To Use Other People’s Money For Investments” found here: http://Hyip101.Club => NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED TO GET STARTED!

#5. RCB (Return On A  Referral Commission)  pay-outs on all paying Hyip’s that have achieved at least 25% ROI (Return On Investment)

#6. Push Notifications sent to members whenever the status on a Hyip is changed or a new one is added

#7. SMS Text Notifications on Hyip updates


When we place a Hyip in our monitor, we show the Hyip as “WAITING”



We send our members via PUSH & TEXT Notifications “that we just placed a new HYIP in our platform showing as “WAITING” and be ready to invest”.  


We then contact the owner/admin of the Hyip, requesting “SUPPORT”.  


Once we have a “FULL SUPPORT” commitment from the owner/admin we mark the Hyip as “PAYING”.


We now also mark that Hyip as “TRIAL” and send a notification to our members they may now invest a TEST amount.


Once the Hyip shows a 50% ROI we change the status to “NORMAL” – again sending a notification to our members suggesting they can invest more.


Once we show a 100% ROI, we mark the Hyip as “PREMIUM” – again sending a notification to our members suggesting a larger investment.


Our MEMBERS trust our Hyip recommendations knowing we ONLY suggest “PAYING” investments from a owner/admin that has offered “FULL SUPPORT”! If that owner/admin does NOT OFFER  FULL SUPPORT we mark the Hyip as “NOT MONITORED” and recommend another Hyip where the owner/admin is in a “FULL SUPPORT” status!


NOTE: At the time of the production of this video this Hyip   is in the “WAITING” status and you should NOT invest until it shows “PAYING”. As a MEMBER you will be notified when the status changes to “PAYING” and…

ONLY at that time should you consider investing & of course once you have completed our “Hyip Investment Training Course” located here: http://Hyip101.Club


We do NOT charge to join our Push & SMS Text Notifications.


For those who want to become a FREE MEMBER and be notified of new Hyips & status updates click here:


When you land on this page there will be a POP UP window with an application form where you can submit your contact info placing you in the Push & SMS Text Notifications.



REVIEWING a Hyip called…



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