Bitcoin DIPS & Offers Buying Opportunity 12.25.17 12pm

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Bitcoin DIPS & Offers Buying Opportunity 12.25.17 12pm

Bitcoin dipped down today 5.25.17 at 10am to $2,248 on strong volume and a LONG TAIL on the candlestick. It pushed down through ALL -3- moving average lines and did not stop before it hit $2,248. At 12pm today the candle stick is SOLID RED meaning there is a lot of selling pressure. Watch for it to level off and show -3- SMALL GREEN candle sticks with no to very short tails before it moves back up. There is NO SUPPORT points because it has moved straight up for the last few days so do not try to base your next buy on a SUPPORT price. This could present a buying opportunity once the high volume slows. There is NO GUARANTEE this will happen so always only invest money that you are willing to lose.

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