Latest Review & News For: Let Us Close, Elite Networkers, O2 and TheWorldwide

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Latest Review & News For: Let Us Close, Elite Networkers, O2 and TheWorldwide

Let Us Close  Elite Networkers, O2 and TheWorldwide is a third-generation recruitment scheme that probably isn’t going to be around too long.

O2 Worldwide began life as Let Us Close back in mid 2015, with the Let Us Close website now redirecting to that of O2 Worldwide.

O2 Worldwide is today advertised as being ‘powered by the Let Us Close marketing system‘.

Let Us Close itself was a marketing system attached to a $40 or so recruitment scheme. Launched in May 2015, Let Us Close flopped shortly after launch.

October 2015 saw The Elite Networker launch, which also claimed to be ‘powered by Let Us Close‘.

The Elite Networker was headed up by Wallace Nunez, Dave Lear and Val Smyth, otherwise known as the guys behind the failed Total Takeover opportunity.

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The Elite Networker also flopped shortly after launch, with the company’s website today redirecting to O2 Worldwide.

dan-putnam-owner-of-epxbody-and-xoomaListed as the CEO and Founder of O2 Worldwide on their website is Dan Putnam (right).

Affiliate marketing material linked Putnam to Let Us Close through EPX Body. It follows that he was also involved in The Elite Networker.

With the Let Us Close marketing system having failed twice now, O2 Worldwide appears to be a third attempt to attach the platform to something worthwhile.

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